10 Awe-Inspiring Pics Reveal the Hidden Dreams of Kids With Cancer (PHOTOS)

anything can be kid cancerJust because a kid has cancer doesn't mean he or she gives up on having dreams -- and few things prove just how fantastical these reveries are as the Anything Can Be project, an effort by photographer Jonathan Diaz to capture the dreams of kids struggling with serious illnesses.


Diaz, a dad of four in Salt Lake City, Utah, got inspired to photograph sick kids acting out their fantasies to give them a sense of hope.

"I really want to do this for any kid who has a disability or disease that's causing them to not be able to run or jump, to show them that anything is possible," he says. 

Using a combination of photo shoots (free to the families) and Photoshop, Diaz has portrayed 21 kids in surreal scenarios from flying in capes to riding bulls. The photos attracted such high praise online, they were turned into a book titled True Heroes.

Since beginning this project in 2013, some of the kids have beaten cancer and are in remission while others still struggle; two have passed away -- one a mere few weeks after the photo shoot.

"Some people suggested maybe I was giving these kids false hope," Diaz says. "You know what? These kids need a distraction, especially those on their death beds." Indeed, families whose kids died said Diaz's photos brought them peace and happiness, because even in these dark instances, Diaz points out, "I think there's always something to hope for."

For a major dose of inspiration, check out these amazing photos.


Image via Anything Can Be

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