This Holderness Helicopter Parenting Parody is Hysterically Funny! (VIDEO)

Helicopter parenting can be extremely funny if you allow yourself to take a step back and not be so uptight (it is OK to have fun). The Holderness family doesn't miss a beat with this "Copter Mommy" parody video that drops hilarious bars to a dope track.


Two bonus points if you can recognize the song.

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Of course it's LMFAO's hit, "Party Rock Anthem"!

I love a good spoof that's not afraid to take a topic and make it funny. It seems like everyone -- especially parents these days, as we're always trying to prove to others we know what we're doing -- gets so easily wound up, you would fear a person overdosing if you counted all the times you told them to take a chill pill.

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There are many things that resonate with me about this video. Yes, I will be the mom that chases after her kids with hand sanitizer and bug spray. Now I'll admit I've thought about that bubble wrap (hey, I have two boys under 2), but I won't go on the record saying I've actually used it (kidding, I haven't).


Image via The Holderness Family/YouTube

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