Dads Don't Deserve Praise for Putting Their Child's Hair In a Ponytail

Sooner or later the "I don't know how to do that" excuse was going to run out. At some point, dads need to learn how to do their children's hair. After hearing a guy was late to work because he did the Kanye shrug when faced with styling his daughter's hair, a Denver salon owner decided to create an event for fathers to master hairstyles.


Beer and Braids is a daddy-daughter event for men to bring their little girls into the salon and practice making ponytails and buns with professional stylists. Dads get a cold one while their daughter receives a free hairstyle, which might have some applauding their efforts and others rolling their eyes.

Look, I get not all guys have hair like Jason Momoa (you know, the hunky guy who played Conan), but does that give them a pass in their hair department, or some badge of honor for learning how to put hair in a hair tie? It really is great that dads want to share in more parenting responsibilities, but I can't help but chuckle at the fact that we pat them on the back for doing so.

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Guys, if you can read a manual on how to fix a car, or read a blog on ways to beat your favorite video game, surely learning how to dress your child's head isn't rocket science.

This right here is one of the reasons I'm glad my children and I rock natural hair -- and I have two little boys, mind you. Aside from my husband, everyone has thick hair (what can I say, we give Chaka Khan a run for her money) that's pretty simple to maintain, but still requires a little TLC throughout the week. My guy has quickly learned the art of moisturizing and even twisting thanks to his new friend YouTube.

I don't think anyone should be expected to whip out intricate hairstyles on the daily, but all who call themselves a parent should, at the very least, know the bare basics when it comes to their child and their hair. Then again, more power to you if you have the money to pay for daily salon service.


Image via KUSA 9 News/NBC

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