Mom's Auto-Correct Fail Turns Daughter's Birthday Cake Into a True Surprise (PHOTO)

blind girl cake autocorrect failA birthday cake has become a casualty of auto-correct! After a mom's texted request for a "blond girl" cake topper got turned into "blind girl," the birthday girl got the surprise of her life upon seeing her cake.


At first, mom Marie Seggie from Scotland and her family were confused. For one, the cake topper was brunette rather than blond, and her eyes were closed ... and she had a white cane. Only after they checked Marie's text did it all come together.

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And luckily, this cake fail didn't ruin the festivities at all. On the contrary, it was a hit! After the birthday girl's sister tweeted a photo online, the cake went viral.

And for good reason! We've all had auto-correct fails and they're funny, but it's 10 times more hilarious when it results in a botched birthday cake. Because birthdays are big occasions, and they're supposed to be perfect. So when they fail colossally, they're all the more memorable. I bet this family will be talking about Laura's 21st birthday forever!


Image via emilyseggie/Twitter

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