7 Moms Bare & Share All in Honor of 'Divine Mothering' (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Aug 13, 2015 Being a Mom
7 Moms Bare & Share All in Honor of 'Divine Mothering' (PHOTOS)

divine motheringFor Liliana Beatriz Taboas, becoming a mom was a rocky road complete with one miscarriage, two kids, sagging body parts, and tons of self-doubt. Knowing that many moms must feel this way, she decided to celebrate these changes with a photo series called Divine Mothering.

"The series is done as a 15-minute mini photo session with four to six participants at each session," she says. "As I take the photos, I interview the women and ask them about their experiences as mothers, how their identity has grown, and what has motivated them to share their stories with me." 

And the beautiful photos that come from these gatherings barely scratch the surface of all the positive things moms take away.

"We all have fun," she says. "We meet new moms, we share our stories, we connect with other women. It's wonderful to talk to the women and see them all excited, energized, and uplifted. We celebrate what we have in common and acknowledge our differences. But the differences don't matter. We all know we're doing something important."

Image via Divine Mothering/Liliana Beatriz

  • Erin


    Image via Divine Mothering/Liliana Beatriz

    When Erin became a mom, "I decided it was time I stopped worrying about the things I wasn't and start loving the things I was," she says. And seeing herself how her kids do certainly helps: "Everything about mother is perfect."


  • Anna


    Image via Divine Mothering/Liliana Beatriz

    "It’s been kind of rough. It took us three years to get pregnant," says Anna, who endured infertility issues and had gastric bypass surgery before she conceived. "Every emotion is running through your body," Anna says. "One second you're pushing and the next your baby is there!"

  • Teresa


    Image via Divine Mothering/Liliana Beatriz

    "My high point is just being her mommy. It's my reason for being," says Teresa. "My husband tells me all the time that I was made to be a mother. It's an amazing feeling and I've never felt anything like it."

  • Amy


    Image via Divine Mothering/Liliana Beatriz

    For Amy, motherhood has been "a wild ride," she says. "I started with twins. They were born 8 weeks premature, emergency C-section, preeclampsia, I almost died … It was crazy." But today, all four of her kids are healthy and happy. "I'm trying to live day to day," she says. "It’s belly laughs, dirty hands and feet, water balloons, ninjas ... the more kids you have the faster they grow up."

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  • Kathryn


    Image via Divine Mothering/Liliana Beatriz

    "I used to be an uptight girl who felt she was ugly, and that her body was useless and something to be ashamed of," says Kathryn. But motherhood changed that. "Now I am an empowered mother, unafraid of intimacy with my husband, and much more confident in my body's beauty," she says. "My son's birth was healing in multiple ways. The joy was indescribable. DIVINE. My body grew life, and now I would sustain that life. It's absolutely incredible."

  • Michele


    Image via Divine Mothering/Liliana Beatriz

    Michele had wanted to breastfeed, but only managed to last until 8 weeks with her first baby and 12 weeks with her second. But by her third she stuck with it. "She's the longest I've breastfed; 5 1/2 months," she says. "I'm really proud." So what was her secret? "I got more help with the third child," she says. "Before, I had no one guiding me or helping me with the latch. I feel I lot more confident too, maybe it's the age … you learn and gain experience as a mother."

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  • Stacey


    Image via Divine Mothering/Liliana Beatriz

    "Pregnancy was more difficult that I thought it would be," says Stacey. "It was a fairly easy pregnancy overall, but the changes that went through my body I wasn't prepared for. I had always been very confident in myself but then I started gaining weight, started getting stretchmarks, and my confidence plummeted. I went from someone who was strong and felt like I knew what I was doing to rather soft and unsure of myself. It took me a really long time to gain some confidence back and to realize that I think I let the pressures of society -- stretchmarks aren't pretty, weight gain isn't fun -- I let those things get to me a lot during pregnancy. Now that my baby is here? They are completely worth it. I can show him how I build myself back up."

  • 'We Stand Together'


    Image via Divine Mothering/Liliana Beatriz

    "I try to do a group photo at the end of each session," says Taboas. "I think it makes the women connect with each other on a deeper level. We stand together. Everyone leaves with a huge smile on their face."

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