It's National Middle Child Day, Not That You Remembered That

Following great traditions like Corn on the Cob Day, Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day, and Umbrella Cover Day, today is National Middle Child Day. But how do you celebrate middle children as if they are something you care about? We have a few ideas.


Having a National Middle Child Day is a cruel joke -- how are we supposed to celebrate a day that we will never, ever remember exists? Be honest -- did any of you know that it was today until you saw it here and said to yourself, "Aw, heck. Not again." 

No, you didn't. You never do. (sigh)

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So how can you celebrate your middle child or sibling when you're more excited about National Pet Obesity Awareness Day (coming up in October!)?

• Sometimes bakeries sell day-old pastries for half-off. That'd be fine.

• Look for gifts in the $1 section at Target for great deals on notepads and travel-size hair brushes.

• Don't bother looking for "Happy Middle Child Day" cards. They don't exist. Grab the closest birthday card you can and for lines that say, "I'm so glad you're my dad," just cross out "dad" and write in "middle child." Done.

• Need to wrap the tin of Altoids and the Frisbee that you bought them? The holiday gift wrap in the basement will be perfect. They love the holidays, right? It's thoughtful.

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There. Now you've got a party! You might want to pick up a little something for the youngest child, though, so they don't feel left out. And don't forget to thank the oldest child, because they're going to be planning this whole thing. But try to enjoy today, because in a little over a week it's the worst day of the year: Knife Day. Oy.


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