10 #DaddyDaycare Moments That Happened When Mom Wasn't Around (PHOTOS)

dad with kid

Ever wonder what happens on those rare occasions you hand the child-care reigns to your husband for the day? Well, as these #DaddyDaycare Instagram posts make clear, dads have a different way of keeping kiddos entertained.


So in case you're wondering what goes on when you're not around, here's a glimpse of what dads do to pass the time with their kids. Looks like they have a pretty good time!

First things first: Gotta start the day off with a cup of coffee, of course.


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From there, there's nothing like a pink wig to make a kid smile.

Makeshift cages are a grand old time, too!

This babysitting thing people talk about is a breeeeze!! #daddydaycare #childservices #killingit #uncleawesome

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Or how about a day at the skate park?

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Meanwhile, if you're gonna drink beer, you may as well let your kids play with the box.

#daddydaycare #glugglug

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And if the kids want to head out with their friends, Dad's shoulders are the ultimate sweet ride.

thiiiis right here, surely makes my heart explode #daddydaycare at its finest��

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If Dad has some packages to mail, he won't mind if the kids pitch in.

And no, Daddy is not too big to take a dip in the kiddie pool, right?

Hey, anything from brooms to flippers can turn into a good time when Dad's around.

Mad props #sons #lads #daddydaycare #broom #flippers #scubadiver

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And after a long day out and about with Dad, it's time for a nap.

#daddydaycare #rugrats #ford #f350 #cclb

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Because dads really know how to tucker kids out!


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