Boy Channels Beyoncé in Gym Class While Everyone Else Plays Ball -- We're Picking Him for Our Team (VIDEO)

gym classA viral video of a boy dancing Beyoncé in gym class proves that there are many ways to get your daily exercise ... and some are way more fun than kicking a ball around.


We're not sure what this boy was supposed to be doing -- hanging on the outskirts of a kickball match, perhaps? -- but you've gotta love how he passes the time grooving to Beyoncé's 2003 classic "Crazy in Love." Check it out below:

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As someone who grew up haaaating gym, this video makes my day!

Because after all, who says "exercise" needs to involve a ball or some macho form of physically overpowering your peers? Dance is just as much of a workout, and way more fun.

And while girls are typically the big dancers at school, it's refreshing to see a boy bust out such killer moves.

We hope schools across the country take note, and consider changing their gym class options.


Image via Cosmopolitan

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