10 Hilarious Illustrations Capture What Every Pregnant Woman & Mom Is Really Thinking (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Jul 29, 2015 Being a Mom
10 Hilarious Illustrations Capture What Every Pregnant Woman & Mom Is Really Thinking (PHOTOS)

mommie poppinsWhen comedian Meghna Shah became pregnant with her son last year, she quickly realized that becoming a mom is tough -- and the only thing keeping her sane was a sense of humor. That's how her comic series of quippy sayings Mommie Poppins was born.

"During pregnancy I was going through all these physical and emotional changes that were difficult to understand and process, and since alcohol was not an option, having a sense of humor was sometimes the only way to get through the day," she admits.

And that comic acumen came even more in handy after her birth.

"I felt like pregnancy was the hardest thing I have ever done, but after my son was born, I realized that being a new mom is even harder! Life just keeps getting more confusing and more overwhelming!" 

To cope, she created Mommie Poppins -- a sassy alter ego with a funny, relatable take on the things women experience during pregnancy and motherhood. Once she started posting these witty sayings online, they quickly went viral, causing commentators to confess that they felt the exact same way.

"When other moms said they had similar experiences it has been so satisfying," Shah says. "All mothers go through similar problems and can all relate in one way or another. For instance, on the saying 'The First Year of Motherhood is no different than being a cow,' I had moms writing to me saying that their husbands joke and call them cows or dairy farms and each mom had some version of that joke!" 

For your own humorous reality check for motherhood, check out this slide show featuring some of her work.


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