What Happened When 12 Moms Went 'Free Range'

girl on bikeI was raised a free-range kid. Of course, 30 years ago we didn't call being allowed to ride bikes by ourselves, or getting muddy in the woods, or walking alone to school being "free range." It was just called "being a kid."


But things have changed. Parents today tend to be more protective than in generations past, and in many ways it's paid off. In fact, children are statistically safer than they've ever been. (Could it be because we're hovering?)

Still, the free-range parenting movement is gaining popularity. These moms and dads are resisting the temptation to become helicopter parents, to be overprotective, and to worry too much. Their aim is to raise kids who'll become independent adults.

Even if we're not letting our kids roam for hours without supervision, we can all learn a few things from free-range parents. Here's what happened when some moms decided to worry less and free range more. The results are messy, occasionally bloody, and ultimately inspiring! 

Image © Christine Glade / iStock

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