13 Ridiculous Clothing Battles Between Moms and Kids

Wendy Robinson | Aug 10, 2015 Being a Mom

kids clothingWhen I found out I was pregnant with a daughter, my mind was filled with visions of adorable sundresses, patent leather Mary Janes, and adorable headbands. Little did I know that I was going to be blessed with a child whose preferred clothing style is "nakey" and who has never kept a barrette, headband, or hat on her curly head for longer than 45 seconds. Cue the parent-child clothing battles.

Over time, I learned not to fight with my daughter about the barrettes. Instead, the battle I picked was making sure she doesn't get arrested for indecent exposure.

(Who knew I'd be uttering the words, "Pants are not optional at the grocery store!"?)

I know that I'm not alone in having struggles with my kid over clothes. Check out some hilarious stories from the child's clothing battlefield!

How do these clothing battles compare to those you've had with your own kid?



  • Adamant About Mismatched Socks


    "Not only do all my son's socks have to be striped, but they can't be the same colored stripes, so I constantly have to purposely mismatch sock pairs when I'm folding laundry. He also only wants socks that go up to his knees and that aren't itchy or 'squishy,' whatever that means!" -- Kate G., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Die-Hard About Dressing Up


    "In my daughter's world, every day is a chance to be 'fancy,' which is why she showed up for her first day of school wearing a poufy flower girl dress, a plastic tiara, AND four bows in her hair.

    "I could see the other parents giving me the side-eye and I wanted to say, 'Hey, you should have seen what we made her take off! This was the compromise outfit!'" -- Kelly L., St. Louis, Missouri

  • Never Too Cool for School


    "For a while, my son would only wear long pants and long-sleeve shirts. It was 90 degrees and that's what he had on! Or at least what he begged for. I fought him about it for a while and eventually decided not to battle. Yep, a couple weeks ago when it was sweltering, my 3-year-old insisted on wearing fleece zip-up footie PJs to bed. Not my problem, go on and sweat, kid!" -- Sarah R., Dallas, Texas

  • All Superhero, All the Time


    "A highlight of my parenting experience is showing up late for church and having the pastor burst into laughter from the pulpit because my son was in full superhero regalia, including a cape and mask, and carrying a foam sword. I would have fought harder with him to wear real clothes but then we'd never have made it to church at all!" -- Laurie N., Tucson, Arizona

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  • Gung-Ho About Gunslinging


    "My son only wants to wear cowboy boots. EVER. He also loves his hat and toy gun holster but I can usually get him to leave those at home. I'd fight the boots, but I can't really think of a reason to. At least he is wearing shoes!" -- Teresa S., Marana, Alabama

  • Pretty Obsessed With Pink


    "My daughter is 20 months. I can no longer pick out her clothes -- that's her job, apparently. Because even if I give her two options to choose from, she smiles kindly, shakes her head, and goes off to find something herself, something pink. And only pink." -- Meredith S., Portland, Oregon

  • Gone Commando


    "Wylie, age 4, insistes on 'going commando,' usually after his first pee of the day. He has no problem putting on underpants when he gets dressed, but when they come off, they don't go back on. And he always calls it 'going commando!'" -- Jennifer C., Buffalo, New York

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  • It's Gotta Have Twirl


    "Despite my trying to avoid overly girly clothing items, I have a 3-year-old who routinely throws herself on the floor in grief that her dresses aren't long or twirly enough." -- Anna J., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Letting It All Hang Out


    "Our biggest battle is wearing clothes at all! My rule is if we are leaving the house, your privates have to be covered. That alone is enough of a battle and I have had to keep a child at home because they refused to put on pants to go to the store. I have also dropped kids off at daycare in just a diaper many times!" -- Kristy P., Spokane, Washington

  • Fighting Over Fast Shorts


    "My son won't wear anthing with buttons, zippers, or deemed 'not soft enough.' His shorts also have to have side stripes or they 'aren't fast enough.'" -- Courtney G., Highland Park, Illinois

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  • Getting Daddy in on the Action


    "I usually win the clothing battles, but I had to laugh when my daughter wanted to wear parts of her butterfly Halloween costume to school one day. My husband was in charge of getting her dressed and apparently the only way he could get her out of her wings and headband was to agree to wear her princess crown himself. And he did. He wore it all the way into school and everything. He is such a sucker." -- Annie O., Dayton, Ohio

  • Spreading Christmas Cheer ... in July?


    "My 11-year-old wears a long-sleeve Snoopy Christmas shirt throughout the summer because, according to him, 'The spirit of Christmas lives year round.' His other favorite shirt is a Snoopy Halloween shirt that gets worn all winter and spring long." -- Rachel G., Zeeland, Michigan

  • Intent on Shorts in the Snow


    "Most of the battles we have, with both our son and daughter, is over being season-appropriate. Apparently long pants are only fun in summer and, boy, do we only want to wear parkas when it is over 100 degrees out. In the winter, I'm pretty much constantly fighting about not wearing shorts in the snow." -- Ashley C., Provo, Utah