'The Muppet Show' Trailer: 8 Parental Reactions You'll Have Watching This 'Modern' Remake (VIDEO)

miss piggyIt's time to play the music: The Muppet Show is back! (Kind of.) This time around, it's just called The Muppets, and if the newly released trailer is any indication, the name isn't the only thing about this updated version of every '70s kid's fave that's different!


Shot in the faux-documentary style of The Office, the humor on display in this 10-minute teaser is definitely more adult in nature than the kid-friendly fare of our youth (or at least that's how we're remembering it, but The Muppet Show did premiere almost 40 years ago -- yikes!). Check it out:

Pretty hilarious, right? Oh, Miss Piggy, we've missed you so! And of course, this more mature variety of laughs isn't necessarily a bad thing -- many of the grown-up jokes will likely go over younger kids' heads, and the punchlines might just make viewing the show as a family a bit more palatable for mom and dad. Still, that doesn't mean there won't be a few uncomfortable moments for parents watching this clip as they wonder just how far over their kids' heads those jokes are gonna go!

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Here were our reactions to eight moments that had us ever-so-slightly squirming in our seats:

1. Miss Piggy Making Out With Topher Grace

Um, what am I supposed to tell my kid about the Supreme Court's stance on interspecies marriage? 

2. Beaker Getting Tased

Well, I guess this is as good an opportunity as any to explain that sometimes innocent people -- er, Muppets -- get Tasered.

3. Fozzie Texting

Oh great, I can hear it now: "When do I get a cell phone? Even Muppets have cell phones!"

4. Fozzie Dating a Woman

(See above comment about Supreme Court's stance on interspecies marriage.)

5. Kermit Caught in a Porcine Love Triangle

Well, clearly I have to make sure my kid understands that Team Piggy is the only option. And oh, that he can only ever date one pig, um, girl, at a time.

6. Kermit's Reference to "Legal Fun"

Uh-oh, did my kid catch that reference? If he asks, I'll just say the illegal fun was, um, fireworks. 

7. Miss Piggy's Selfie 

Oh great, now she's gonna want to follow Miss Piggy on Instagram!

8. The Kermit's "Bacon-Wrapped Hell on Earth" Reference

Hmm, did he catch that? Because if he figures out that bacon is made out of Wilbur the Pig, breakfast is gonna get real tricky around here. 

Adult humor or not, we'll definitely be watching when The Muppets premieres (Tuesday, September 22nd, at 8 p.m. on ABC)! Nostalgia, here we come. 


Image via ABC Television Networks/YouTube


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