14 Kids on Why They Had the Best Day Ever

Girl outsideThis weekend I pulled out all my "best mom ever" moves and had a particularly great day with my kids. We went to a new park, had lunch at their favorite fast food place, and even took my 3 year old to her first movie. When we got home, exhausted but happy, I asked my son if this had been his best day ever. To my surprise he said "No, remember that time I saw that garter snake in the yard? That was the best day ever!"



So it turns out that sometimes even us best moms are totally wrong in our predictions about what our kids will remember most fondly.

In my quest to see if my son is the only one with an unexpected favorite day, I asked some of my favorite mom friends to interview their kids to find out what was their most favorite day ever.

The answers may surprise you (#11), make you laugh (#12) or even make you remember the importance of being in the moment (#3).

Image © FamVeld/iStock