14 Kids on Why They Had the Best Day Ever

Wendy Robinson | Jul 23, 2015 Being a Mom
14 Kids on Why They Had the Best Day Ever

Girl outsideThis weekend I pulled out all my "best mom ever" moves and had a particularly great day with my kids. We went to a new park, had lunch at their favorite fast food place, and even took my 3 year old to her first movie. When we got home, exhausted but happy, I asked my son if this had been his best day ever. To my surprise he said "No, remember that time I saw that garter snake in the yard? That was the best day ever!"


So it turns out that sometimes even us best moms are totally wrong in our predictions about what our kids will remember most fondly.

In my quest to see if my son is the only one with an unexpected favorite day, I asked some of my favorite mom friends to interview their kids to find out what was their most favorite day ever.

The answers may surprise you (#11), make you laugh (#12) or even make you remember the importance of being in the moment (#3).

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  • Tears of Joy?


    "When I asked my 4-year-old, he said his favorite day was 'the day we went to the museum and the planetarium.' Please note that was today, and that he started crying 20 minutes into the planetarium because I forgot the snacks in the car." -- Kimber D., Portland, Maine

  • New Room


    "When I got a room makeover for my 8th birthday." -- Amelia R., age 11, Kentwood, Louisiana

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  • Live in the Moment


    "Honey, what is your favorite day ever?

    'This day!'

    My 3-year-old loves every day." -- Rochelle B., Santa Fe, New Mexico

  • Two of a Kind


    "I asked my 4-year-old twins and got two very different responses:

    'Every day!'

    'No day!'

    I guess one kid is a pessimist and one is an optimist?" -- Lila F., Tucson, Arizona

  • The Cabin


    "My 3-year old says her best day was 'at the cabin.' Spending the summer at a cabin is a family tradition. I love that she loves it too!" -- Jessica V., Prescott, Arizona


  • Funny Guy


    "The day me and daddy went to the theater because a guy said something and everybody laughed." -- Ben T., age 4, Thousand Oaks, California

  • Peace Day


    "Peace day at school, because you get to do so many cool things. And peace is important to me because I hate war." -- Eli J., age 8, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Little Fish


    "This morning. This day. Because I got some pool time." -- Zoey K., age 3, Dallas, Texas.


  • Birthday Girl


    "My favorite days are when it's my birthday because I get my birthday cake. And Nana also cooks my special spaghetti for my birthday. Then I get my treat. And Grandma gets me a present!" -- Annie L., age 5, Edina, Minnesota

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  • A Good Day


    "My most favorite day? Duh. When I was born. If I hadn't been born I wouldn't even get any other days." -- Samuel P., age 7, Tucson, Arizona

  • Puppy Love


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    "The day Brian the dog licked us a lot." -- Arnie B., age 4, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    (Note from Arnie's mother: "I have no idea who Brian the dog is. I just hope it was actually a dog and not his friend Brian pretending to be a dog.")

  • Good Answer


    "Actually, I don't know. I think all my days are pretty great. Especially that I live with you guys."-- Michael B., age 7, Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Preschool


    "My first day of preschool was the best day because I was so excited." -- Daisy C., age 4, Des Moines, Iowa

    (Note from Daisy's mom: "She cried for two hours straight and then threw up her lunch. I guess you could call that excited.")

  • Perfect Day


    "The day we went to Channel Islands National Park and went kayaking on the ocean and in sea caves, and then walked around the island and saw whales in the distance and then saw hundreds of dolphins on the boat ride back. That was the best day ever." -- Elsie R., age 10, Lincoln, Nebraska

    That does sound pretty amazing!


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