Baby Buns vs. Man Buns: Which Are Cuter? (PHOTOS)

baby man bun

The man-bun trend has just gotten some stiff competition in the cute department: babies with man buns. That's right, tots with topknots are all the rage these days, and I hafta say, they're far cuter than the grown-up versions.


Not convinced? Let's compare and contrast a few examples below:

Here's a guy with a man bun, and to be fair, he's pretty cute in his black tee and jeans.

Still, though ... check out this kid! Same outfit, same man bun, but 100 times cuter, right?

So let's up the ante: How about we strip down and compare man buns without the cool clothing effects? Here's the grown-up version, which is pretty studly... 

... but yet again, I think this tot in a man bun and his birthday suit is far sweeter eye candy in my opinion.

Maybe the problem is that these man-bun men just never smile. They just always look so pensive and sad.

See what a difference a smile makes?

#Babymanbun #hesaboy

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Or perhaps it's the fact that grown men with man buns know they're pretty hot.

But babies are completely oblivious to the powerful effect their topknot has on others ... and that just makes it more powerful!

â�¤ï¸ï¿½ð���ð��� #superman #myhero #babymanbun

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Yet perhaps these two contenders vying for man-bun supremacy can peacefully coexist ... or maybe just double their cuteness quotient by posing together: father/son buns!

These boys are to cool #babymanbun #manbun #bearded #babyeli

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Because clearly this man-bun trend isn't disappearing anytime soon. So we'd better get used to seeing them everywhere.


Image via manbunmonday/Instagram

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