Torrey Smith's Adorable Kid Loses His Mind When He Hears His Jam (VIDEO)

toddler dancing

Don't certain songs just make you wanna get up and dance? Welp, the exact same is true for toddlers, only their response is about a hundred times cuter. As proof, just check out Torrey Smith's tot's response to hearing Silento's "Watch Me."


One second, this toddler seems content to doodle on his magnetic sketch pad ... yet as soon as he hears the opening jingle to this rapper's hit song, he MUST DANCE. Check it out below:

When you thought you were done turning up but your song comes on

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Don't you love how this toddler's SO EXCITED, he falls all over himself in an effort to get up and shake his booty?

And in spite of this shaky start, this kid more than makes up for it in his recovery by pulling out some pretty sophisticated dance moves. No wonder he's so eager to show them off!

Lord, this kid is SO CUTE ... and a hilarious reminder of how we all feel when we hear "our song."


Image via torreysmithwr/Instagram

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