Mom of Twins Has Perfect Response To All Your Annoying Questions (PHOTO)

Some people have no filter. On occasion, that trait is brilliant and hilarious (we’re looking at you, Amy Schumer). But everyday regular people should be reminded to consider their words before they let them fly out of their mouths. Especially when it comes to those for moms of twins. Luckily this sassy mom found the perfect way to shut people up.


She wrote the answer to every question she hears on a regular basis and attached them to her twins. In the order that they pop into your brain. 

"Mum had enough with questions about her twins!"

Posted by UNILAD on Saturday, July 11, 2015

It’s like she’s reading your mind, isn’t it?  

Twins are a fascinating phenomenon, I get that. To us moms who struggle with singletons, their pure existence nearly boggles the mind. And the fact that there are so many variations -- identical, fraternal, conceived with or without the aid of doctors, born via C-section, born vaginally (no joke, my cousin did this two years ago), and the gender variations. It’s so much to consider! We just have to know! 

I’m here to tell you no. No, you don’t have to know. It’s perfectly normal to wonder, but spend thirty seconds thinking how annoying it would be to get asked the same questions over and over. Not to mention that none of it matters. They were conceived, they were delivered, they’re here to stay. Get over it.

I’ll tell you when I had my wake-up call: the few occasions when I’ve babysat my nephew, who is three months younger than my daughter. The day went something like this:

Stranger 1: Are they twins?

Me: No, cousins.

Stranger 1: They look so much alike.

Me: Well, they are related.

Stranger 2: Are they twins?

Me: No, cousins.

Stranger 2: I didn’t think so, they look nothing alike.

Me: Well, they are related.

Stranger 3: Are they twins?

Me: No, I get to give one back at the end of the day.

Stranger 4: Are they twins?

Me: Are you?

Stranger 5: Are they twins?


And that was the first fifteen minutes. I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to encounter this kind of mind-numbing attention every day of my life, but I’ve had enough of a taste of that pain to issue a public apology to all moms of twins on behalf of the nosy, unoriginal public. A double sorry if I’ve ever asked one of them to my many friends with twins. Triplets though? They’re a real head-scratcher.

Image via Anna Grigorjeva/shutterstock

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