Take 1 Toddler, Add a Bucket of Paint, Throw in a Busy Mom & Watch What Happens (VIDEO)

toddler in housepaint

Ever heard how you should never leave a toddler alone for five seconds? Well, here's proof in picture form: a 2-year-old doused in white paint. Before mopping up the mess, the mom snapped a pic that has since gone viral.


Here's how it happened: The Aurora, Colorado, family had been doing some home renovations and had left the lid ajar on a bucket of white paint. Mom Victoria Farmer was nursing her son when it dawned on her that her daughter Anistyn had been suspiciously quiet. Check out more in the video below:

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"It was horrible," Farmer told the press. "She (apparently) got into the bucket and submerged herself ... I look like an irresponsible parent, but she's just really quick."

So true -- I think what happened here could have happened to any mom! So let this serve as a reminder to the rest of us that our little ones don't need more than a few seconds to cause serious mischief, and that we should at least try to keep an eye on them at all times ... but not judge those who don't. After all, isn't that cleanup job punishment enough?

What has your toddler done when you're not looking?


Image via abcNEWS.com/YouTube

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