3-Year-Old Has Picture-Perfect Reaction to His First Parking Ticket (PHOTO)

cop writing ticket

Few things are as annoying as parking tickets -- yet one recent recipient inspired chuckles all round. The reason? He was issued this parking ticket at 3 years old.


Declan Tramley was just riding his plastic bike around, minding his own business, when he received this parking ticket from Constable Shawn Currie at the Halifax Police Department. The constable was carrying out this prank with the help of Declan's dad, and his son's reaction is priceless! Check it out in the photo below:

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This pic has since gone viral, and we can totally understand why: The toddler's facial expression is the perfect replica of how an adult would react -- a mix of exasperation and embarrassment, with hand on head.

Yet while Declan may look annoyed, deep down he was actually excited by the ticket -- so much so that his dad reports that he tried to sleep with it.

You've gotta also love how this photo shows the fun side of cops -- they actually do have bright moments in their day, rather than a dreary blur of ticket writing to disgruntled drivers.

All in all this clearly shows it's never too early to teach kids the rules of the road!

Have you ever pulled a prank on your toddler?


Image via Joseph Sohm/shutterstock

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