6 Ways Babies Live the Good Life (and Moms ... Not So Much)

Your baby had a luxurious tea trea oil bath today (with a follow-up massage) and you... you can't even remember the last time you showered. We're so hyperfocused on giving our babies the best of the best that sometimes our own wants and needs tend to fall by the wayside. Sound familiar?


When a new mom actually finds a few moments to catch her breath, look at her organic-cotton swaddled napping baby, and think, it probably occurs to her: man, this baby has it good. Much better, in fact, than Mom herself has it. (Nap? What nap?) Let's take a look at all the ways babies make out like bandits compared to Mom.

How have you made room for 'me time' with a new baby on your hands?

Image © Christopher Futcher / iStock

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