14 Things New Moms Really Need to Hear From Moms Who've Been There

Wendy Robinson | Jul 22, 2015 Being a Mom
14 Things New Moms Really Need to Hear From Moms Who've Been There

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Having a new baby in the house is such a special time. And by “special,” I mean an exhausting, sweaty, joyful, tearful, stressful, loving, and confusing time. Between dealing with the post-pregnancy hormone roller coaster and getting to know your new little one, it can be easy to feel a bit lost and overwhelmed.

Fortunately, those of us who’ve been parenting for a while love to look back on that time and give advice, especially since we aren’t in the trenches of spit-up and blow-outs any more. Read on for the very best advice for new moms from supportive moms who’ve already survived the baby phase.

What advice do you give new moms?

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  • Find Your Tribe


    “Find your tribe. If you feel like motherhood is a competition and you are losing, they are NOT your tribe.” -- Elena P., mother of two 


  • Go Ahead, Ask for Help


    “It is okay to be sad when things are tough. It is absolutely okay to ask for help.” -- Beth S., mother of three


  • No Decisions Today


    “Don’t make any big life decisions in the first few months after a baby. Between hormones and lack of sleep, you aren’t yourself, but I promise you will be again.” -- Danielle W., mother of one

  • Mama Knows Best


    “YOU are the best parent for your baby. Advice is fine, but take what works and ignore the rest.” -- Ginger R., mother of one

  • It's Okay Not to Love It All


    “It is okay not to love every moment. No mom does.” -- Leanne S, mother of two

  • Trust Your Instincts


    “Trust your mama instinct. You might not know what you are doing, but your instincts will guide you in the right direction.” -- Heather S., mother of four

  • Falling in Love Can Take Time


    “It might take you a while to fall in love with your baby, but you will. Take it easy on yourself.” -- Rachel B., mother of one

  • Slow Down


    "Go at your child’s pace! Stop worrying about other kids. Your baby will figure it out when they are ready.” -- Melissa, mother of three

  • Mistakes Happen


    “You’ll make a mistake at some point. We all do. Cry and then move on. Your kid will be fine. Everyone gets dropped on their head eventually.” -- Martha H., mother of two

  • Just Three Jobs


    "In the early days, you only have three jobs: make sure you and the baby both eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. That’s it.” -- Sarah J., mother of five

  • Your Baby Is Cute


    “Yes, your baby is the cutest and smartest baby ever. We all agree.” -- Patti M., mother of two

  • Time Heals All


    “It gets better. The cure for almost every difficult stage is time.” -- Marie D., mother of six

  • Babies Can't Be Spoiled


    “You can’t spoil a baby, so hold your little one as much as you want.” -- Jessie M., mother of two

  • New Normal


    “You didn’t make a mistake and you haven’t ruined your whole life. You just need time to adjust to a new normal.” -- Quinn A., mother of three

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