10 Thoughts You'll Have the First Time You Spend a Night Away From the Baby

mom leaving babyThe first time you leave your kids behind for the night is a tough milestone to get through. Are they going to survive all right without you? Are you going to get along without them? Between everything you can think of to worry about and all the excitement of a taste of long-forgotten freedom, there's a lot running through a mom's mind the first time she's out on her own again.


Here, a look at everything you're in for if you're embarking on your first night away from the baby:

1. "My purse is too light."

When you're used to carrying a fully-loaded diaper bag everywhere you go, a handbag with wallet, phone, and lipstick feels like way too little. Try putting a hand weight in it to provide some convincing heft.

2. "What if Grandma and Grandpa forget where the infant formula is?"

Or how to change a diaper, wipe a nose, or put baby food on a spoon?! You should probably call them and make sure they're okay.

3. "What is it in the background of all pop music that makes me think I hear a baby crying?"

Before you were a mom, everything on the radio sounded like police sirens while you were driving. Now everything sounds like your child is having a meltdown somewhere in the next room of the restaurant.

4. "It's been three minutes since I checked my phone for texts or missed calls, I should probably check again."

What if you accidentally turned your phone on silent?!

5. "I'd better check the local news website for headlines about fires or accidents in the area."

Why hasn't anyone called you with a problem? IS IT BECAUSE THEY'RE ON FIRE?

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6. "I haven't read a book or watched a TV show that wasn't about talking animals for over a year now."

You have the time and opportunity for an adult conversation, but not the fodder for it. Hopefully one of your friends or fellow travelers will be interested in your thoughts about Daniel Tiger.

7. "It's kind of nice knowing I'm not going to have to wipe a fine mist of food particles off everything in a 10-foot radius after dinner."

You might miss your kids, but on the bright side, you won't miss the fine sheen of gravy you typically end up covered in at the end of a meal.

8. "I can order dessert, and I'm not going to have to either share it or scarf it down so fast I can't taste it."

Now you just have to make sure you don't ask your dining companions if they are "all dones?" and wipe their faces with your napkin.

9. "Wait ... I get to drink the whole beer?"

The only human whose life you are responsible for right now is your own. You can drink the whole beer, and maybe even have a second beer. The night is yours! Enjoy it!

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10. "It's 9 p.m., and I'm ready for bed."

The night is yours! Enjoy it! Before you pass out at your regularly scheduled bedtime, at least.

What was the hardest part about being away from your kids for the first time?

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