8 Incredible Things I Love About My Post-Baby Body

mom hands heartsYour post-baby body is awesome -- you just might not realize it yet. Not because you lost all the baby weight and then some thanks to magical breastfeeding powers; not because you have to learn to love your lingering stretch marks and C-section scar (I for one don’t and you can't make me); and not because you're required by some sort of innate Parenting Law to love the thing that gave you your babies.


But my post-baby body and I are pals, and not just because I have -- finally, a year and a half postpartum -- regained the ability not to pee my pants while doing a jumping jack (although not having soggy underpants at the gym does help considerably with the whole "self-love" business). There are simply a lot of little things that make me happy when I look in the mirror, and when you’re running on two hours of sleep and the leftovers you licked off a high chair tray, little things can be huge.

The little things that I like may not match up to what floats your post-baby-body boat, but take some personal stock yourself: Hopefully there's something to put some much-needed wind in your sails.

  1. Better-fitting bras.
    Now that my kids have weaned, I’m not quite at my full breastfeeding prime anymore. But now, all the B-cups I optimistically bought in my pre-child-rearing years actually -- finally -- fit. I will enjoy wearing them a great deal when I’m finally ready to part with my pile of gloriously comfortable gray, threadbare nursing bras.
  2. My hairy legs.
    This one might be unique to me, but still, I love it. My legs wouldn’t look out of place on a Muppet: because they’re cute and fuzzy. I gave up shaving halfway through pregnancy and never looked back. As a bonus, the time I save in the shower can be used to shovel a snack in my face, or to read another three pages of the novel I’ve been enjoying approximately since my kids’ birth.
  3. My IUD.
    Not only did my uterus make two entire babies at once, it came back to me new and improved with a sweet-ass piece of plastic bling. I am now the intrauterine version of the Bionic Woman.
  4. My hips.
    I’m pretty sure my twins kicked a few extra inches of space in my pelvis. At the time, I didn’t fully appreciate their attempts at remodeling, but every time I put on an A-line dress now, I want to give them a high five. Thanks, kids!

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  5. My rippling biceps.
    As it turns out, lugging a pair of twins around all the time does your biceps some favors. I feel like Captain America, except that I didn’t have to go through a dangerous medical experiment to get this way. No dangerous medical experiment other than pregnancy, at least.
  6. My toenails.
    I hardly ever used to paint my toenails. But several months of not being able to see the damn things has made me appreciate them all the more this summer. I’m currently rocking an all-black goth coat, preceded by a classic 1940s scarlet, and soon to be followed by a Barbie Girl-esque bright teal. I have a lot of time and missed looks to make up for, after all.
  7. That horrible pair of Bermuda shorts I've had since college are gone.
    OK, so it's not my body but what I put on it: I have had these shorts since college, and they are purple-and-teal plaid. They are truly hideous, and also some of the most comfortable leg-sheaths I have ever owned. I’ve never been willing to just discard them, but when my enormous hips no longer fit in the things, I didn’t have a choice. Which also meant I got to discover that there are other equally comfortable summer leg attire out there -- most of them far less offensive to the eye. (Good-bye, shorts. I miss you. I still think about you sometimes.)
  8. My hair.
    Once it stopped falling out (good work, hormones!), I noticed that I’d developed a giant silver forelock. It doesn’t make me look particularly dignified, but it does make me look like Rogue from the X-Men, especially with my newly beefy arms. Too bad postpartum changes don’t usually include the development of the power of flight, which would make getting the kids to 9 a.m. doctor appointments a lot easier.


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