11 Life-Changing, First-Year Milestones Moms Forget to Celebrate (PHOTOS)

Aimee Ogden | Jul 7, 2015 Being a Mom
11 Life-Changing, First-Year Milestones Moms Forget to Celebrate (PHOTOS)

Your baby's first year is a busy time, and there are constant milestones to celebrate: first smiles, first teeth, first steps. But when you stop to take a breather, you might notice that there are some equally important special first flying right under your radar. 

Baby books never seem to have a space marked out for 'first time baby goes a week without a diaper blowout,' but that's worth celebrating, isn't it? Yes, it is! And here are 11 more life-changing, first-year milestones that totally call for celebration. 

What are the best 'milestones' you celebrated most during your baby's first year?

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  • The First Diaper Change Where You Don't Get Peed On


    Image © Przemek Klos/Shutterstock

    Congratulations on making it to the rainbow after all those wild and erratic showers!

  • The First Time You Take a Shower Uninterrupted


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    There will come a glorious day that the baby doesn't cry (and that you also don't think you hear the baby crying), and you'll get body and your hair washed and everything!

  • The First Time You Don't Lose It When Baby Does


    Image © Mariia Masich/Shutterstock

    Bursting into tears when the baby's bawling his eyes out is a natural reaction, but not necessarily the most enjoyable one for Mom. At some point, you'll finally be well-rested enough and will have eaten something besides Oreo crumbs, and you will be able to handle the baby's tantrums in stride.

  • The First Time You Don't Forget Any of the Baby Junk

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    Your diaper bag is so overstuffed that it looks like you're preparing to embark on the Oregon Trail. But for the first time ever, your arrive at your destination only to find that you didn't forget any bibs, diaper wipes, or binkies. Hallelujah!

  • The First Time You're Totally Caught Up on Laundry


    Image © Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

    You've finally made it to the summit of your own personal Mount Everest of soiled onesies, soggy nursing bras, and mismatched baby socks. How can one tiny person wear so many clothes?!

  • The First Time YOU Sleep Through the Night

    Image © michaeljung/Shutterstock

    Most people remember to celebrate the first time the baby sleeps through. But the first few times that happens, you'll be too tense to fully relax yourself: is he really sleeping? Is he okay? Should you go check? Is the monitor working? 

    And when you finally do ... cue the voices of angels singing!

  • The First Time You're Not Covered In Peas at the End of a Meal


    Image © Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

    Don't get me wrong, you look great in green! But there's definitely something to be said for not feeling like you're eating dinner in the front row of a Gallagher show every night.

  • The First Time Baby Doesn't Get Sick After a Play Date

    Image © Oksana Kuzmina/Shutterstock

    She's caught every cold in the tri-state area, and her immune system is basically titanium-plated. You're finally free to enjoy yourselves out of quarantine!

  • The First Tear-Free Car Ride


    Image via NHTSA

    At some point, the baby stops thinking of the car seat as "horrible squish-prison" and "thing that takes me to the park/zoo/Grandma and Grandpa's house." The day that finally happens is a good day.

  • The First Time Baby Willingly Eats a Green Vegetable

    Image © gresei/Shutterstock

    Without you hiding it inside of something else, that is. Sorry, that molecule of broccoli you buried under a pile mashed potatoes doesn't count.

  • The First Time You Finish an Entire Cup of Coffee Uninterrupted


    Image © Warren Goldswain/Shutterstock

    Fifteen entire glorious minutes without the need for a diaper change, a snack, or a clean onesie. Enjoy it.

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