Dad Shows What Really Happens When a Man Holds a Baby (PHOTO)

how to hold a baby

How many ways can you hold a baby? Well, according to one Australian dad, there are 17 ways -- and his video demonstrating each "hold" has gone viral because it's hilarious!


In his video, appropriately called "How To Hold a Baby," dad Jordan Watson demonstrates an array of baby-holding techniques. Some, like the "standard shoulder hold," are pretty practical, while others are more for fun, like the "hide your beer belly hold." Check it out below:

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Holding a baby can be intimidating for first-time parents -- I still remember being nervous about that. So, it's nice to see there are so many ways, even if most of these are just for laughs. 

I think this video also shows that even the most mundane parenting tasks can be far more complex than may meet the eye at first -- not to mention funny!

So the next time you're, say, changing a diaper or trying to sneak one more spoonful of apricot puree down the hatch, maybe it's worth examining the battery of tactics you use to get the job done, and have a laugh about it while you're at it.

What's your favorite way to hold a baby?


Image via Jordan Watson/YouTube

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