Mom Who Won't Give Up Dream Home for a Child Is Bringing Out the Haters

dream houseParenting requires tons of sacrifices. Most moms would say there's nothing they wouldn't do for their family, except Sarah Scott. Scott always wanted to have a third child, but in a viral essay at Elle Decor, the mother of two has confessed she's not willing to sell her dream home or go back to her career as a teacher in order to afford having another baby.

Although they had always talked about having a third child, Scott recently opened up on the brutally honest reasoning behind why she and her husband aren't planning on having another baby. She and her husband saved long and hard in order to sell their starter home and purchase the home of their dreams. Their new home has everything they ever wanted, complete with large fenced-in backyard for their dogs and a custom designed playroom for their two children. Scott's life is seemingly idyllic -- she stays at home with her children and the family owns a time-share that allows them to vacation each year. The only issue is now that they are paying for life in this dream home, having another baby would mean changing their lifestyle. Selling the house, forgoing vacation, or going back to work aren't things Scott is willing to do, even if her uterus does "ache."
It would be easy for me to go off on a rant about a woman who seemingly values having a Sub-Zero over a third child. Plenty of people are today, with comments like, "This is straight out of the book of who cares" and "This is absolutely cringe-inducing."
Admittedly, it's hard to take someone seriously when they are debating having another baby over going on vacation while there are so many couples desperate to have a single child. Weighing the options of staying home vs. going back to work, selling the dream home, and getting a smaller fixer-upper seem trivial and entitled when I consider that there are parents working multiple jobs struggling to simply feed their children or couples saving every penny they have for fertility treatments and adoption fees in the hopes of having just one baby.
But I have to admire Scott's honesty. While her priorities may not be my own, I can respect her for openly admitting that she doesn't just want more children, she wants a certain lifestyle for her family as well. 
No matter where you live or how much money you earn, raising kids is expensive. And regardless of what size house you live in, like Scott and her husband, all couples have to make these types of considerations when deciding whether to have more children or children at all. All potential parents need to think about things like how having another baby will impact your career, whether you will stay home or how you'll pay for childcare, what effect a sibling will have on your existing children, and yes, what type of luxuries like fancy kitchen counters and vacations you'll be able to afford or have to make do without.
Scott's very fortunate in that -- unlike couples who are truly struggling financially or experiencing infertility -- she does have the option of having another child if she's willing to sacrifice some material luxuries in exchange. Perhaps one day she will decide that the memories and love she'll share with a third child mean more to her than material possessions. And if not, to each their own, I suppose.
What would it take for you to sacrifice having another child you really wanted?
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