19 Unintentionally Inappropriate Sidewalk Chalk Drawings by Little Kids (PHOTOS)

Meredith Bland | Jul 2, 2015 Being a Mom

funny sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk drawings done by kids are a treasure trove of weirdness. Sure, there are an impressively large number of rockets and trees that look like penises (why does every kid draw them that way?) but there are also a lot of words and pictures that expose us to a whole different kind of weird. Chalk art allows us to look through the eyes of children and say, "Nope. You're off by just a hair, and yes, that hair is on what appears to be a testicle."

Let's collectively shake our heads at these sidewalk chalk drawings done by kids that adults see quite differently.

Do you have any pictures of sidewalk chalk drawings by your kids that look like something a little different? Can you top #8?

Image via Imgur