Affectionate Flower Girl Steals Bride's Thunder in Middle of Wedding Photos (PHOTO)

flower girl kisses ring bearerWhile it's typically in poor taste for anyone -- especially a member of the wedding party -- to upstage the bride, here's one case where's it's actually totally adorable! Four-year-old Anderson, daughter of the bride, was serving as her mom's flower girl when she decided it was time to lock lips with her own pint-sized partner: the ring-bearer. See the incredibly cute photo that's taking the Internet by storm. 


Wow thanks for all the love Knoxville! We are thrilled to share this moment with the rest of East TN tonight! Tune in...

Posted by Leah Bullard Photography on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Awww!! What an awesome picture! Someone call Chris Harrison, I think we may have found a budding Bachelorette. Of course, we'll have to wait about 20 years, but still, that little lady's got the kissing business down!

Leah Bullard, the photographer who captured this hysterical, candid moment, said Anderson had been referring to herself as "the bride" all day so when Bullard asked for the bride and groom to kiss, the little girl just went for it!

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Needless to say, that's a moment no one at that wedding will ever forget! We wonder if it put the bride's mind at ease to know that her daughter was having a blast and apparently not a bit shy about fulfilling her duties the way some flower girls can be! 

We love that she really got into the act.   It would be great to find out what that cute little ring bearer was thinking! Wouldn't it be something if the two end up together in the future? Here's to everyone's happily-ever-after!

Have you ever attended a wedding where another guest stole the spotlight? If so, tell all!

Images @KarenGrigoryan/shutterstock & via Leah Bullard Photography/Facebook

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