11 Creative Kid Excuses for Why They Can't Eat That

Caroline Olney | Jun 18, 2015 Being a Mom

Chances are you've come across a picky eater or two by now, right? They're a special breed, that bunch. They're the kids willing to sacrifice most things to avoid crossing paths with broccoli and the ones who will enlist pseudo science to support their theory that their "dinner side" can be full while their "dessert side" is empty. Sound familiar? We thought so.

They can be a challenge, sure, but one of a picky eater's greatest strengths is their creativity. And in honor of that, we're recognizing some of the most absurd (and hilarious) kid excuses we heard from moms we polled for why their kids can't eat that. As fair warning, though, maybe don't let your kids peek at the list ... or you might never stop hearing these.

What's the craziest excuse YOU'VE ever heard from your picky eater?


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