18 Photos of Your Kids You Need to Get at Your Wedding

Caroline Olney | Jun 15, 2015 Being a Mom
18 Photos of Your Kids You Need to Get at Your Wedding

Weddings today aren't always the events they were 20 or 30 years ago ... not that that's a bad thing, of course. It's not in the least bit out of the ordinary now to have a couple of kids under your belt before you get married, and that's a lot more fun ... for the kids. What kind of kid doesn't want to celebrate with their parents on one of the biggest days of their lives?

Chances are that if you have kids, they're going to be part of your wedding somehow. To make sure that they remember it (and you remember it, too), here are some photos you absolutely have to get of them before the night is out.

#7 is such a sweet moment! Which photo is your favorite?


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  • Primping


    How absolutely priceless is this photo of the bride's daughter playing with Mom's make-up brushes? You'll want to save a shot for your kids getting ready with you in the prep room.

  • Lookin' Good


    The "mirror shot" isn't just for the bride! When you're a kid, getting dressed up is always a big deal ... especially when it's Mom's big day and you have a professional to do all the work for you. So of course you have to document the moment when she gets to see just how pretty she looks!

  • Dancin' Shoes


    Your first dance with your groom is such a photo worthy moment, but what about your first dance of the night with your kids? Sure, there's probably going to be more jumping involved, but that just means more joy in the photograph.

  • Veiled Love


    If your veil is big and your kids are small, then a shot of them under there with you is an adorable way to commemorate the day!

  • The Giveaway


    We've loved the idea of a bride's son (or son-to-be) giving her away at her wedding since we first saw it, so of course it's on the list of photo-musts for the day.

  • Baby Rings


    Image © iStock.com/abeyer

    No, they don't make wedding bands in baby sizes, but your adult-sized rings will look absolutely precious in your baby's hand. Just make sure to get the photo while he's sleeping so the rings are not flung off and lost forever. Can't trust those kids!

  • Not Just Friends ...


    Image via Pressmaster/shutterstock

    If it's step siblings we're talking, you'll definitely need a shot of the two (or three, or four ...) uniting as brother and sister for the first (official) time. It's a moment they won't forget, and not one you should have to either.

  • Addicting Excitement


    ... And if it is excitement, this is what it will look like. Kids' enthusiasm is contagious (not that everyone else isn't enthusiastic about your wedding already), and capturing a photo of them showing all that excitement is an awesome way to remember the mood of the day later on.

  • Family Matters


    The first photo as a brand new, legally sanctioned family is a must, and the closer you can get it to the actually "I do's" the better. In fact, a family photo as you're leaving the ceremony is the perfect moment to save forever.

  • Toe to Toe


    Little baby toes are the perfect size to hold a couple of wedding rings, and since getting a creative ring photo is such a challenge these days, brides without kids will be jealous that you have a little one you can corral into this.

  • Bridesmaids (Plus One)


    Image via Gene Bednarek/Silverimageweddings.com

    They're the most important ladies in your life, are they not? Getting a photo of your bridemaids with you and your daughter is an absolute must. Actually, get as many of your kids in there as possible. Everyone is welcome!

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  • Did Someone Say Cake?!


    Image © iStock.com/Jodi Jacobson

    Maybe you're blessed with a child that DOESN'T go a little crazy at the sight of cake, but it's more likely you're not. So when they're faced with a cake as big as your wedding one is, obviously you have to document the reaction.

  • Suit Up


    Image © iStock.com/Sir_Aragorn

    It's not that often that you can force kids into three piece suits, so you're going to want to document it while you can. And if you can get the bride in there too, well, we never say no to that.

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  • Hands Up


    If you can convince your daughter to participate in the bouquet toss (and assure this doesn't mean she ACTUALLY has to get married next), then this photo is absolutely priceless ... no matter who actually wins.

  • Smell The Roses


    Image © iStock.com/AnitaPatterson

    The father daughter dance doesn't just have to be for the bride and her dad, you know. Adding the groom and his new (or old) daughter to the mix is a photo-ready moment!

  • Mr., Mrs., and Co.


    Image via Monkey Business Images/shutterstock

    Now that there are two of you, your kids will be forcing their way in the middle of you. You better document that while you're all happy about that! Yeah, yeah, we're joking. A little.

  • Bye, Mom and Dad


    Image via oliveromg/shutterstock

    They're going to miss you the most, so it stands to reason that your kids' send-off is the most important. Of course you have to document it!

  • A Grand Exit


    Image © iStock.com/photoraya

    Your entrance will be stunning, and you exit can be it's equal ... if you have a cute husband and some cute kids in there to add to it. If you have your kids in the ceremony, photographing your exit together as a family is absolutely essential.

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