Little Girl Demands 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T' During Dance Recital & Aretha Would Be Proud (VIDEO)

johanna aretha franklin

Wow. Just ... wow. Anyone with access to the Internet has seen their share of talented kids singing or dancing to "adult" songs, but here's one that may top them all! A sweet little girl named Johanna is dancing to Aretha Franklin's "RESPECT" for her dance recital. And dude -- she kills it. Talk about gaining respect! You have to see this! 


At first, you're like, "Oh, here are some cute little girls, doing the typical dance recital thing." But, then Johanna jumps around and does her best Aretha impression. Check it out:

There's no way this didn't put a smile on your face. I love how Johanna's doing a mix of the classic little girl half-not knowing what's going on during the dance and a hard-core Aretha impression. She's got some sass!

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Clearly, Johanna's mom and dad are proud of their budding superstar, as they should be -- their little girl totally stole the show. But, the best part? How this sweet girl grabbed the two other girls at the end so they could all take a bow together. That's some class right there. 

How adorable is this little girl?

Image via Elissa Colon/YouTube

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