19 Things Every '90s Kid Remembers But Our Kids Can't Identify (PHOTOS)

koosh ball

Talk to your kid about Frozen or Facebook, and they follow right along. But try bringing up just about anything you experienced as a kid in the 90s, and today's children give you a blank stare. Remember how you had to actually dial up the Internet? Or go all the way to Tower Records to buy your favorite songs on CD? Our kid can't even dream of how hard we had it way back in the day.


For a peek at just how much of your own childhood has fallen to the wayside, check out this list of things every '90s kid experienced that would leave our kids scratching their heads. Some are no doubt for better, others for worse, but all in all they're testament to how much things change from one generation to the next!

We really miss #6, but #16? Good riddance!


Image via K Tempest Bradford/Flickr

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