Here's What Happens When a Baby Finds Out Mom Has a Twin (VIDEO)

baby meet mom's twin

So many things must blow a baby's mind the first time he encounters them, and this video shows one youngster who was seriously thrown for a loop: The baby meets his mom's twin.


In the video, baby Felix -- born in Lithuania last year -- has flown to Canada to meet the extended family, including his mother's twin sister. Wagering Felix's reaction could be good, the dad took a video. Check it out below:

It's so funny to see this baby's pure excitement dissolve into sheer confusion. Can you imagine? As an adult, I still often struggle to tell twins apart, and would totally be fooled if their hairstyles and such were the same. I almost think this baby may know something's wrong before an adult would, given they've etched every detail about mom into their minds.

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Yet at a mere 10 month old, babies don't have the bandwidth to understand the whole concept of identical twins, so his mind must be seriously blown, brain circuits fried for days. 

I'm sure Felix recovered in due time, but I just love this little reminder of how the world looks to a fresh set of eyes. 

What has blown your own baby's mind?


Image via Dainius Sileika/YouTube

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