10 Things No One Ever Told Us About Putting Kids in Day Care

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Every day, millions of parents drop their kids off at day care (or pry them off their leg and make a mad dash for the car, if need be). Whether it's a babysitter watching kids in their home or a day care center, these caregivers make it possible for mothers and fathers to make ends meet without worrying about what's happening to their kids. One would love to believe that when parents head out the door, their anxiety about their children would magically vanish. Only ... plenty of parents do worry.


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With the mommy wars pitting working moms against SAHMs, the debate rages on and on about whose decision is better for kids. So what effects do day cares really have on kids' health, behavior, and future? Some parents argue it has everything to do with how their kids turn out and some would argue that it doesn't mean anything. Scientists have spent a lot of time studying the 1 in 3 American children under 5 who attend a day care, preschool, or other non-relative child care arrangement ... and the results of their studies may be surprising. Want to know which side of the debate is right? Well, take a look at the list we've compiled of the best expert opinions on the effects of child care on early development.   

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