16 Confessions From the Worst Moms on Planet Earth

naughty angry childMotherhood has its perks: the lopsided valentines your kiddo brings home from school, still mushy and wet with glue; popsicle-sticky kisses, and middle of the night hugs you wish would go on forever. You have no doubt your child loves you. And yet! We've all been on the receiving end of the death glares, "I hate you's," and declarations that YOU are The Worst Mother In the World/Planet/Galaxy.


Want proof that you're not alone? We asked moms to share the reasons they been told that they get two thumbs down (way, way down) in parenting.

Next time your kiddo tells you that you're THE WORST MOM EVER, feel free to share your favorite from the list as proof that you can't possibly hold the title ... you're "second worst," at best.

Seriously, what kind of monster does #7 to her kids?


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