Unborn Baby Girl Is Already Laughing at Her Dad’s Fart Sounds (VIDEO)

If there's one thing dads are good for, it's fart sounds. One lucky baby is learning that lesson early -- so early, in fact, that she's not even out of her mom's womb yet and she's already being tormented by her dad's antics ...


... And it's hilarious. Watch her freak out:

That little baby has the strongest startle reflex possibly ever -- she may or may not have a future as a boxer in front of her. Or soccer player? Football kicker? Really aggressive cellist? 

Jury's out on that, but one thing we do know is that she's going to have  life-long fear of farts. Which may or may not be the premise to the world's next best sitcom.

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Did your baby kick this much before they were born?


Image via lynellonna/YouTube

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