Mom Turns Toddler's Tantrums Into Her Own Epic Lip Sync Battle (VIDEO)

temper tantrum

Two, three-, and four-year-olds. They're adorable, but oof, they can be a handful! You never quite know what's going to set them off. Asking them to get dressed; telling them they can't have more ice cream; or, as one mom recently realized, an invisible scratch on their leg. An exhausted mama recently lip synced her toddler's temper tantrum -- about, yes, a scratch -- and you've gotta hand it to the woman, she manages to find the humor in an otherwise frustrating situation. 


The mom is trying to get her child -- who sounds like a daughter -- to brush her teeth, but clearly, the little one's got other plans. So, instead of harping on her kiddo, she lightens up and records the scenario. 

Normally, I'm not a big fan of parents filming their kids freaking out and posting the videos online, so the fact that this woman didn't actually film her child makes this kind of endearing and funny to me. It's also a good reminder that sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh when your child is in the midst of freaking out. You may not be able to control their behavior, but you can at least control your reactions. 

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In the grand scheme of things, this isn't a gigantic temper tantrum, but something tells me that when this mama is faced with an epic meltdown, she handles it just fine. If you are still in a good enough mood to make a lip sync video when your kid is screaming, you can pretty much handle anything. 

How do you handle toddler temper tantrums?

Image via Spray Pal/YouTube

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