Mom Lets Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Get a Buzz Cut to Look Just Like Dad (PHOTO)

daughter shaver head

What would you do if your daughter wanted to shave her head? That's the question Ohio mom of three Paige Lucas-Stannard was forced to ponder when her 6-year-old daughter, Aellyn, wanted a buzz cut like her father and brother. While the mom had her reservations, she eventually caved and voila! Here are the before-and-after pics.


Paige posted the results on her blog, Baby Bust Diaries ... then the whole thing blew up. Many applauded her efforts to teach her daughter to defy gender stereotypes, saying things like, "Amazing! The conditioning is hard to fight but we have to if we want a better place for our kids to live."

Yet others criticized her decision, saying she was encouraging her daughter to assume she's free of gender stereotypes when society still stigmatizes those who do. 

"They will be stopped at the door and told to dress by the guidelines," said one critic. "As liberating and free thought as you think you are, there is the harsh reality of cultural norms that tell you how to act and look."

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All I can say is if my own daughter wanted to shave her head, I'd also wince inwardly -- just as Paige had done -- but ultimately let her do it. Because I think it would be a great experience for her -- and more importantly, ME -- about breaking free from the confines of gender stereotypes.

After all: If the thought of my daughter shaving her head is uncomfortable, what other gender stereotypes am I comfortable lounging in? Am I more apt to say "how pretty you look!" when she's wearing a dress and offer zippo when she dresses in pants? Do I subtly nudge my daughter toward toward music and dance class rather than LEGO building and engineering?

Sure, as Paige's critics have pointed out, a buzz cut on a girl might get some strange looks that might work against her. But generally adhering to gender stereotypes works against a girl more than it does for her -- steering her toward looking "pretty" rather than developing her smarts, toward liberal arts rather than science and math. So, whatever negative consequences come from flouting stereotypes are far outweighed by the positives in my book.

Here's to hoping my daughter may one day decide to do something radical with her hair ... and her life in general.

How would you feel if your daughter shaved her head?


Image via Baby Bust Diaries

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