Dad Gets Hooked Up to Contraction Machine to Pay Tribute to Wife on Mother's Day (VIDEO)

man labor contractions

When it comes to giving birth, dads have it SO easy ... so we have to hand it to YouTube parody artist Penn Holderness, who decided to endure the pain of simulated labor "contractions" in honor of Mother's Day.


To simulate labor contractions, Penn was hooked up to a scary device that would make his rectus muscles contract. Meanwhile his wife, Kim, remained by his side saying all the annoying things men say when their wives are in labor, like "doing great, you can do this!" (that is, when she wasn't cracking up). Check it out below:

Well, it's nice to see the shoe on the other foot for sure! Women go through so much during labor, and it's impossible to know what it's like unless you go through it. So it's gratifying to see this guy get a taste of it. 

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That said, I do believe this simulation does fall short of the real deal. For one, I don't think rectus muscles contracting would be anywhere near as bad as labor. And even if they were, for this simulation to feel real, it should drag on for around ten hours, not ten minutes.

Still, I admire this guy for trying.

How do you think your husband would handle labor?


Image via The Holderness Family/YouTube

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