11 Judgy Notes Written to Parents by People Who Were 'Just Trying to Help'​

Suzee Skwiot | May 11, 2015 Being a Mom

Throughout the years, we've seen our fair share of rude notes. Whether it's kids leaving some hilariously nasty messages to protest being sent to bed early, or neighbors alerting the folks next door that their late night activities are a little loud, passive-aggressive note writing is alive and well. And nasty notes written to parents? Those are often the worst.

These days, it seems like everyone things they should get a say in parenting ... whether they're a parent or not. And they're not-too-shy about voicing their opinions.

That's why we've gathered the craziest notes ever written to parents to really show you just how nutty it can get. From the anonymous "stuck in the mailbox" letters to the nastygrams sent home from school, it's clear parents are getting judged at every turn.

What would you do if you received a letter like #5?


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