A Very Special Thank You for My Mom

Vera and her mom

I didn’t understand how much my mother had done for me until I became a mother myself. Sure, we have different tactics when it comes to parenting – but the heart and the core is still the same. It’s funny what sticks with you, what molds you, what you remember in your time of need.

This Mother's Day, Hallmark asked me to say a few things to my Mom beyond 'I love you', 'I appreciate you' or 'Thank you’. In fact, they are asking everyone to Put Your Heart to Paper. You can visit their website for inspiration or grab a card and get started right now on your own. I bet your mother would love to hear a few kind words from her child. You know you are still her baby, right?


So, without crying, I am going to try to do this and wrap it up in a pretty little bow. My mother and I had a bumpy ride. My father left us pretty early on. Thankfully, my grandfather stepped up and did what he could but unfortunately he passed away from a terminal illness when I just started high school. So, in the end, it was always just the two of us. And whether we were trying to learn how to knit a blanket or do a crossword puzzle or still fit together on the loveseat as we watched our favorite TV programs, I think we both found comfort knowing that our bond was unbreakable. I wasn’t going anywhere and I knew that even though others had left – my mother wouldn’t do the same to me.

I guess if there was one thing that I would want to start off with, it would be to let her know that I recognize our road was an uphill climb. And instead of saying “thank you” I want to instead say, “I understand.” I understand that it didn’t only affect me – that it hit her hard too, even though she tried to shield me from the hurt as much as she could.  And that is the true meaning of parenting and love: to take the hit to save another. 

It wasn’t all bad though – we had a ton of laughs and smiles and great times. Please don’t paint such a muddy picture in your mind. There’s so many quotes I say as an adult that I heard growing up that make me smile. “You’d look good in a potato sack!!” is one of them – and I find myself chanting that to my daughter when we are shopping at the mall for school clothes.  For that I want to say, “nice one!” because through my childhood I learned to laugh and to respond quickly with a comeback.

You want to talk about a meal? My mother could whip up dinner using a piece of celery, BBQ sauce, and some peanuts. Just when you thought we weren’t going to have a proper meal, she would come out with SOMETHING and make it work. For all those recipes, I want to say, “amazing!”

Last but not least, I want to say “come over” because I want her to know my children and to love them the way she loved me all those years. I want her part of my life – even as an adult and I hope that we have many, many trips, weekends, and BBQs ahead of us to share and make memories together.

This Mother’s Day, go beyond the “I Love Yous” and really tell your mom something special.  Head on over to www.PutYourHeartToPaper.com for some great ideas and don’t forget to snap photos this holiday!! Time is fleeting. Hold onto it while we can.


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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