Go Beyond Thank You this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is such a fun holiday now that I have children. Seeing their beaming faces as they bring me a carefully prepared breakfast in bed and homemade trinkets from school warms my heart so much. But Mother’s Day is also a time to think about how much my own mother means to me and try to show her how I feel as well.

I have to admit, it’s not an easy thing to do. My mother and I had struggles, especially through those tumultuous teenage years. In fact, it wasn’t until I reached adulthood that our relationship really blossomed. But having become a mother myself has made me appreciate my own mom so much more.


What stands out most to me is the way that she was always there for me. As a child, she drove me to baseball games and threw me birthday parties. As a teenager, I was once excluded from a group award that my fellow peers all received and she wrote a letter to the school questioning the decision, something that led to my receiving an award as well. As an adult, she was beside me in the delivery room talking me through the birth of my children.

When I think back on how my mom has always supported me, I realize that I’d really like to say more than just, “I love you,” or “Thank you,” when Mother’s Day rolls around. But what’s the best way to do that? How can I let my mom know how I really feel and how much that constant support meant to me?

Being a mother myself, I do know that few things could make her happier than knowing I’m happy. I’m sure that seeing me living a good life with my own boys is a gift all on its own. But that doesn’t express my own feelings, so this year I think the best way I can show her how much she means to me is to find a beautiful Hallmark card in a style that she’ll love and simply write inside, “I am the person that I am because of you.”

It sounds like such a simple phrase, but it’s one with a lot of meaning. I am a mother to two amazing and intelligent children. I am a successful entrepreneur. I am a world traveler. I am positive, self-confident and supportive of others. I am, above all else, happy. I am all of those things because of my mother.

Saying that out loud is something that I simply don’t think to do, and that’s why this Mother’s Day I’ll Put My Heart to Paper by browsing Hallmark, finding the perfect card to express my feelings and writing the sentiment inside. By pairing it with a pretty collage frame filled with photos of my boys and me, I’ll even be able to add extra meaning to the sentiment. None of my family’s happiest moments would have happened without her.

In my mind, there’s no greater gift I can give to my mom, on Mother’s Day or any day, than to let her know that she is the reason I am a happy, confident and outgoing woman. And there’s no more fitting tribute to all her efforts and support over the years than to continue to strive for the best life possible and grow as a human being. Her support is reflected in me and I can’t wait to give her a Mother’s Day gift that tells her that.


Kathryn Lavallee is the mother of two very energetic and mischievous boys and the editor and author of the award-winning family and parenting website Mommy Kat and Kids. She has written for Fine Lifestyles Regina, has been featured in Canadian Family, Chatelaine, Flare and on Access7 television and was the winner of the Best Engagement Award in the 2013 Social Media Awards.

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