What My Mother Means to Me

I love Mom written in chalk

Motherhood changes things. As a mother I now know the meaning of unconditional love. I place the needs of another far above my own and know that I will make any sacrifice necessary to ensure the best for my child. I also know the importance of loving self. As a divorced single mother I work to maintain balance - loving myself, my child and even searching for romantic love. It isn’t easy. I do the absolute best that I can and although I may fall short, overall I believe that I do a pretty good job of it.


As Mother’s Day approaches I think of my own mother. As mothers our paths have been different in some ways but vastly familiar in others.  She and my father divorced when I was young but like me, she really was a “single” married woman long before it officially ended. She also juggled caring for me and the household with help from her mother. When I was 7 my mother returned to school, attained a college degree, entered the workforce and provided for me. She paved a road for me that enabled me to follow and achieve all of my goals and dreams.

My mother’s strength is beyond measure. For over two decades she battled a chronic illness that had her at death’s door on more than one occasion. And although I am an adult with a child of my own, I still reach out to her for advice, approval and support. I am blessed to have her. It is difficult to find the words to convey what she means to me.

My mother is my rock, my foundation, my light when all I can see is darkness. I know our relationship is special, one to be envied even. Despite all odds she has a legacy in me and my son that is a reflection of her loving, kind, and spicy spirit. I know that despite her sarcasm, wry wit and sometimes even a bad attitude, I wouldn’t change a thing about her and I love her unconditionally.

My mother is my all, she is loved beyond measure and she means the world to me.

This Mother’s Day I Put My Heart to Paper by sharing with you what my mother means to me. If you would like to honor your mom too, Hallmark has a myriad of cards that can help you express your feelings beyond I love you.  


Renée J Ross is a single mom to a 7 year old son and they share many adventures together. You can find her writing all over the internet and on her blogs on a myriad of topics including health, fitness, food, crafts and her running adventures. 

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