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I don't get to go home very often these days. It's much easier to fly my mom out to visit with our family. But last year, the six of us packed our bags and spent Christmas at Nana's house. My kids think it's funny when they hear me call my mom, "Mom." They tell me her real name is Nana. I'm the one who is Mom.

But not so long ago, their Nana was one of the original helicopter parents. All of my friends knew it. Whether we were at the ballpark, swimming pool, playground or school, my mother was hovering somewhere nearby.


As a teenager, I used to get a little annoyed with my mom. No one else's parents seemed to care what their kids were doing 24/7. Now that I'm a parent myself, I'm proud of her. She did care what we were doing 24/7, and she wasn't afraid to embarrass us with her constant attention.

While I was in town visiting my mom for the holidays, my childhood best friend came to visit with us. The three of us had a fun time talking about random events that happened during our growing up years. We remembered all the times I would have to call my mom and check in for the night (A phone call like this was required whenever I was sleeping over at my best friend's house). I'd say goodnight and hang up the phone. Then, my best friend and I would turn out all the lights, stand near a window and wait. About five minutes later, we would watch as my mom's minivan slowly drove past my friend's house, checking to make sure all was well.

Satisfied that I was home safe, my mom could drive home and go to bed herself. She never knew that my friends and I were on to her late night drive-bys.

Late night drive-bys were just one of my mom's many overprotective habits. We laughed as we named off a few more. Things got serious for a moment when my best friend looked at me and said, "Your mom was the best mom. She did everything a good mother should do. She did it all right."

And I couldn't agree more.

My mom set the bar high when it comes to being a good mother. And I am glad she did. I try every day to be the kind of mother she would want me to be to my children. I am so glad she was always there for me when I needed her...and even when I didn't need her...she was there, just in case. My kids call her Nana, but she will always be Mom to me.

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