Dear Mom -- My Heart To Paper

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Dear Mom,

I've said many times over the years that I love you. That I appreciate you. And thank you.

But this year, I wanted to take the time to try and express how I feel about you. How I feel about your love. And how I feel about being your daughter.

I have my own young children now and I finally get it.

I understand how much a part of your days, your hours and your minutes that I was. That I am.


I'm realizing now that the activities we did together, the trips we took as a family, the decisions you and Dad made, were always made with us in mind. To make our lives happy and healthy and whole. I understand now what an undertaking that was, and appreciate it more than you realize.

You mean more to me than just love.

You are the person I want to share my successes with when I want celebration. To share my failures with when I need sympathy. And to share my fears and worries with when I need strength.

Even after all of these years. Even now that I'm a grown woman with children of my own.

You are such a huge part of what makes me whole. I never want to lose that part.

It shapes who I've become as a woman, and as a mom. It inspires me to be as loving with my kids as you were to me. It motivates me to nurture them, teach them and comfort them, so that they become happy adults like we did.

With love and thanks,

Your Daughter


What would you say to your mother if you put your heart to paper?


Mickey Coutts is a mother of three young children who loves DIY, cooking, and traveling. She created A Helicopter Mom to have a place to share helpful and fun resources to make life a little easier for busy moms.

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