What Does Your Mom Mean to You?

Mel and her mom and family

We live in the information age. Once, texting was clearly the most amazing thing ever invented. Now texting is ancient. We have video chats now. We can share pictures to our Facebook feeds. Whatever we can think of, we can probably do it.

The one thing we don't do as well is express our feelings. We can share tons of information, but the feeling has fallen by the wayside. That's why Hallmark cards are so great. This Mother's Day, their new campaign, Put Your Heart to Paper, wants to help us get our feelings across instead of just our information.


So, what does your mom mean to you? Not what does she do for you. In our journey down the information super highway, we've learned how to quickly and efficiently share data based things like pictures, texts, videos, gifs, and all of that other fun stuff, but I sometimes feel like we've lost the ability to really show how we feel. Emoticons are the new normal way of smiling. *Hugs* are now considered hugs. We also text more than we talk. I'm a huge offender on all fronts. It might be easier to get in touch with each other, but I think it's gotten harder to connect.

I can tell you what my mom means to me. She has been a constant source of comfort, love, and support for as long as I can remember. Regardless of what I have or haven't done or whether or not she approved, my mother has always been there for me. She's built me up, picked me up, brushed me off, and kicked me in the butt. She's always been my biggest fan, and she's shown me how to be an awesome mom to my kids.

Mel and her mom and family

With our close relationship, you'd think it would be easy to get all of that across, but like I said, texts just don't cut it. When I heard about the Put Your Heart to Paper campaign, I started hitting the Hallmark cards hard. They've always been my source for cards, but it's even more important to me than ever this year. I don't want any old gag card - although there are some great Hallmark cards for that. I want a card that helps me adequately express how deeply I love my mom.

The thing about Hallmark cards is that they're just a starting point. Have you ever noticed all that space below the words in the card? That's your area to expand on what your mom just read. I'm so guilty of snagging a card and letting it do all the talking. This year, I'm putting my heart to paper for my mom. I've got about three Hallmark cards in the running for my top pick. When I finally narrow it down, I'm going to fill up that space below the words with just as much as I can.

My mom means everything to me. I'm definitely putting my heart to paper this year, and you should, too. Hallmark cards are a great way to get the ball rolling to help you get all of those feelings out so your mom can know just how much she means to you.


*This is a sponsored post with CafeMom and Hallmark. All my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.*

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