A True Expression of a Daughter's Gratitude

Jennifer and her mom

While advances in communications and social media can be a blessing, they also tend to spread us thin. My friend Aryn recently described her friendships as being "A mile wide and an inch deep."

It's easy these days to have many shallow relationships spread out across various social arenas.

Sound familiar? Between your school groups, church groups, playdate groups, preschool groups, small groups, community groups, volunteer groups, social media groups, and work groups, you might feel that closer, deeper relationships aren't being nurtured.


Hallmark recognizes that while we're communicating more than ever, we seem to be saying less. When we don't express our feelings and embrace transparency and authenticity, we fail to emotionally connect...and we drift apart.

With Mother's Day coming up it's the perfect time to work on a deeper connection with your oldest relationship of all.

What would you say to your Mom if asked to go beyond 'I love you', 'I appreciate you' or 'Thank you?"

Jennifer's mom and daughter

I'd move beyond, "I appreciate how you help out with my kids" and "thanks for making sure my birthday is special every year."

Who else but mom makes sure you get birthday surprises even when you're turning 33?

I'd move beyond simply saying thanks, and let Mom know that she's a symbol of strength. I'd make sure she knew that her example of perseverance through adversity over the years has helped me press on through difficulties of my own.

She's a strong woman and I've never told her that...until now.

I'd also let her know we need a more recent photo together. :)

Many of us have a hard time expressing our feelings. Whether it's because of our "mile wide, inch deep" culture or just an attribute of our temperaments (*raises hand*) it's not always easy to talk about how we feel. Thankfully, Hallmark is here to help!

This Mother's Day, Hallmark wants to help you Put Your Heart to Paper and tell your mom what she means to you.

Visit putyourhearttopaper.com and you'll find writing prompts and creative ways to express more than just "Thanks, Mom!"

What does your mom mean to you?

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