13 Surprising Facts About Millennial Moms

Judy Dutton | May 8, 2015 Being a Mom
13 Surprising Facts About Millennial Moms

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Think Millennials are lazy, entitled, text-obsessed whippersnappers who refuse to grow up? On the contrary, this group (who born between the early 1980s and early 2000s) has been rising to the ultimate challenge of adulthood: They're having kids!

That's right -- millennials are producing the majority of babies today (68 percent, in fact).

And while they might be the little sisters and cousins of Gen Exers, how they're raising their kids is quite different. For a peek inside these young moms' minds, check out these surprising facts about millennial moms.  

Whoa, do you do #4 with your baby?


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  • They Hold Off On Parenthood


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    Think millennials are too young to be tackling parenthood? On the contrary, studies have found that millennials have kids later than any other generation in this country's history. No wonder the US birth rate is at an all-time low.

  • They May End the 'Mommy Wars'


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    Millennial moms may spend more time online than any previous generation, but that doesn't mean they're fueling the online mom wars.

    According to C+R Research, since so many millennials have less regimented views on the "right" way to raise kids, they may end up less embroiled in the mommy wars. Whether they work or stay home, breast or bottle feed, they're like "hey, whatever works for you!"

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  • They Put the Baby Carriage Before the Marriage


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    The allure of marriage -- not to mention the stigma of single motherhood -- has clearly waned among millennials. Research by Johns Hopkins University has found that a full two-thirds of moms in their late 20s were single when at least one of their kids was born. Only one third of them were married by the time all of their kids were born.

    And when the Pew Research Center talked to them, only about a third of Millennials (34 percent) said they thought that more unmarried couples raising children is a bad thing for society, compared with 45 percent of those ages 30 and older.

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  • They Spend More of Their Budget on Baby


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    While many parents struggle to provide for their kids, millennial moms struggle financially more than most since they face the double-whammy of lower wages and higher childcare costs. The typical American in the 18-34 bracket earns $2,000 less per year than same-aged workers did in the 80s. Meanwhile, childcare and education now make up 18 percent of the cost of raising kids, up 2 percent since 1960.

    To make up for it, millennial moms do a lot more research before they make big purchases, hitting the web then stores, and scouting for deals on that stroller or baby monitor before pulling the trigger.

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  • Their Babies Are Online


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    While older moms might post pics of their baby on their social networking accounts, millennial moms take that one step further: According to a survey by Gerber, nearly 40 percent of moms aged 18 to 34 created social media accounts in their baby's name before their child's first birthday. The reason? These moms don't want baby pics to upstage their own entire identity online.

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  • They Live Closer to (or With!) the Grandparents


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    While millennial moms may be online a lot, when it comes to Grandma and Grandpa, they often set aside Facetime for face-to-face bonding. Experts say millennials are far more likely than moms of any other generation to raise their kids close to extended family; many live in the same house or right next door.

  • They're Wary of Vaccines


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    According to research by YouGov, a surprising number of millennials are anti-vax -- at least compared to their Baby Boomer parents. In fact, one in five Americans aged 18 to 29 believe that vaccines can cause autism, compared to just 3 percent of Baby Boomers. Meanwhile 43 percent say a parent should decide whether their kids get immunized or not.

  • They've Abandoned Helicopter Parenting for Free-Range


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    In the same way baby boomers were behind the "helicopter" trend of hovering over their kids, millennials have rebelled against that, and are squarely behind the free-range philosophy. In one survey by research firm Barkley, 61 percent of millennial parents agree, "kids need more unstructured playtime." Only 21 percent think their kids are overscheduled.

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  • Kids Monopolize Their Free Time


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    According to research by DDB Worldwide Communications, more than 70 percent of millennial moms say that their kids take up the majority of their free time, compared to 47 percent of boomer moms. These moms are also more likely to say they feel overwhelmed and have lost their sense of self. In other words: These moms really need a spa trip.

  • They Copy Their Parents


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    While many G-Xers rebelled against the way they were raised, many millennials follow in their parents' footsteps. A full 50 percent admit that they're raising their kids the way they were raised. Looks like they approve of their parents' handiwork and how they turned out!

  • No Material Girl Here


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    In spite of their "selfish" rap, millennials don't want to buy more, bigger, better stuff. On the contrary, surveys show that 82 percent of millennials want their kids to know that they don’t need possessions to make them happy. We doubt their kids will agree with that come Christmas time, but it's nice to see these moms trying to keep their kids from becoming spoiled brats!

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  • They're More Likely to Support a Stay at Home Parent


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    Sixty percent of millennial moms think at least one parent should stay at home -- compared to 55 percent of boomers and 50 percent of Gen Xers. That doesn't have to be mom though: stay-at-home dads are also in that mix!


  • They Don't Ask Experts for Advice


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    Baby boomers flocked to Dr. Spock for pearls of parenting wisdom. But millennials? They don't give a hoot about "experts." They just turn to each other. Studies suggest that millennial moms consult their own peers for advice, preferring to trust a friend rather than some generic authority.

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