6 Photos That Perfectly Capture the Insanity of Parenting

Judy Dutton | Apr 30, 2015 Being a Mom
6 Photos That Perfectly Capture the Insanity of Parenting

funny family photo

Photographer Danielle Guenther was shooting your typical "perfect" family portrait one afternoon when, upon wrapping up, the parents collapsed on the couch, while their two kids started making a mess on the floor. Intrigued by the "real" family portrait now in front of her, Danielle kept shooting.

That's how her latest series, "Parenting: Best Case Scenario," was born: to show what parenting is really like.

"The purpose is to depict the ugly side of parenting," says Danielle, who lives in Hoboken, New Jersey with her husband and 5-year-old son. "And strangely enough, people love these images because they're imperfect."

Since then, Danielle's been deluged with requests for these flawed family photos. "I think there's a lot of pressure out there days, especially with social media, to put on this happy face," she explains about these photos' allure. "So it's refreshing when it's not perfect, and gives parents a sense of relief. Everyone has these moments. Parents tell me 'thank you for making me feel normal.'"

We can't decide what's more embarrassing: #4 or #5?


Image via Danielle Guenther Photography

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