Scary Activities We Did as Kids That We'd Never Let Our Kids Do Today

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Think back to all the dangerous stuff you got away with when you were a kid. Did you ride in the back of pickup trucks? Stay out from dawn 'til dusk without a cell phone so your parents had no idea whether you were alive or dead? Is it all in all amazing you survived your childhood and went on to have kids yourself?


Now here's another question: How would you feel about your own kids doing the exact same things? Over your dead body, right?

That's because for better or for worse, parenting mores have changed. To find out just how much, we asked moms to spill things they did as kids that they'd never let their kids do today. It's quite a long list!

  1. "When we were kids we built a catapult. I'd never let my kids do that now!"
  2. "My uncle used to load us up in the back of his pickup truck and drive fast over the train tracks! I LOVED it. I would NEVER allow my son to even ride in the back of a pickup; forget about going fast over the tracks!"
  3. "We used to make snow forts -- big no no. If that collapses on my child, he could suffocate before being able to get help."
  4. "When I was young, we used to climb a 12-foot fence and sit on top of the concession stand at the park. No way would I let my kids do that."
  5. "I used to play in a pool as young as 4 years old while my mom would be inside washing dishes. This wasn't frowned upon back then, but no way would this fly today."
  6. "We used to jump off a cliff into a lake. It was so much fun, but so many people got hurt there; last summer a kid almost drowned after hitting his head. So I'd never let my kids follow in my footsteps."
  7. "When I was around 8, we used to walk past a drug rehabilitation center, where a hooker's body was found, to get to 7-11 to get Slurpees. Wouldn't let my kids do that today."
  8. "Two words: lawn darts."
  9. "One thing I'd never let my kids do is walk around barefoot in a trailer park. Stepped on broken glass, barbed wire, a nail, and one time a needle. I'm lucky I didn't catch a disease." 
  10. "We used to go into the woods WITH A SAW and cut grapevines to swing on! My kids aren't doing that."
  11. "One thing I'd never let my kids do that I did all the time is jump off high things, from roofs to second-story balconies."
  12. "When I was in eighth grade, I went on a humanitarian trip to Mexico to help build a school. We took buses from Chicago to Juarez and didn't have enough seats for each student! Then the supervisors turned us loose at a flea market for hours. Last but not least, I got pinkeye, and one of the supervisors had to drive across the border to get me medicine. My daughter is about to graduate eighth grade and the thought of her taking such a trip is absurd."
  13. "BB gun wars!"
  14. "I used to ride my bike two to three miles away from my house, then play war in the woods. I would never let my kids do that."
  15. "We'd build our own bike ramps out of old junk. So fun, yet so dangerous!"
  16. "We'd make slings and other weapons I'd never allow my kids to make. They could easily put out someone's eye."
  17. "I'd ride my bike for miles away -- with no helmet! -- from sunrise until sunset. My parents didn't even know where I was. My kids, no way. But those were the days!"

What activities did you do as a kid that you'd never let your kids do today?


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