Planting Seeds

Mother's Day flower and note

There are times when I hear it in your voice that you feel less-than, bogged down and sad. Those are the times that I struggle with how to show you that you are actually everything.  It’s funny because I know you have the same experience when I come to you with sadness. This mothering gig is a roller coaster and sometimes words of love fall through the tracks on our down days, right mom?

Of course it took me becoming a mother to fully grasp the full magnitude of the lifeline flowing from you to me.  It’s during the nights when I am up all night with a sick kid that I remember all the times you stayed in my room and cared for me.  I hear your voice when I tell my feverish child to just take a one sip at a time as I hold the cool washcloth to her forehead.  Suddenly all of those times you held me come rushing back and I know that at the time I didn’t fully comprehend what was happening inside your heart. How could I have known?


But I do now, mom.  I do now.

And hey, I know it hurts you that we don’t have much in the way of things.  People looking in on our life would see that we struggle and strain to get by. And while that could make some feel down; I don’t, mom.  Because we have a different kind of wealth, you and I. 

You carefully planted seeds of compassion, trust and forgiveness in me and now I find myself planting those same seeds for your grandchildren. This legacy of love and nurture all started when you rescued my brothers and me from abuse and it has grown abundantly over the years.  Never doubt the power of that, mama.

So I need you to hear me when I tell you that I love you. Hear me when I say that you are the bravest woman I know and that it doesn't matter that we are imperfect because we are perfect for each other. My hope is that one day you see yourself through my eyes and the eyes of your grandbabies. Because if you did, you would know all the way down in your bones how lucky we are to call you mama.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama.

This is what happened when Hallmark asked me to put my heart to paper.

What would you say to your mom today if you could put your heart to paper?  


Colleen Thoele is a social worker turned writer who can't seem to shake the advocacy bug.  With one child with special needs and the other with food allergies, she’s always wondering where she put her coffee down.  She created The Family Pants in 2011 and has been writing ever since.  

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